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GenreNon-Verbal Performance
Duration12.10.2009 ~ Open Run
LocationLotte World Arts Theater (Seoul)
Performance timeWed – Thu: 20:00
Fri: 17:00 20:00
Sat, Sun & Holidays: 15:00, 18:00
Ticket PriceAll seats 50,000 won

Performance in Brief

“Ballerina who Loves B-Boy” is characterized by a word-less script featuring a dynamic mix of street dance and ballet; the princess of performance art. Whether young or old, male or female, “Ballerina who Loves B-Boy” will help you open your heart to the world around you. The performance’s subtle message about breaking down barriers and overcoming stereotypes will leave you with a feeling of camaraderie with your fellow audience members as well as reawaken your own sense of unlimited inner strength, mirroring that of the cast’s. From the raising of the curtain to the final curtain call, the theatre is alive with applause and a euphoric flow of energy, creating a mood akin to that of a pop concert or a World Cup Final.

The performance is divided into seven chapters defined by vividly animated Hip-Hop music and beautiful classical pieces. Hailed world-wide as a performance that leaves audiences staring spellbound and breathless for more, the “Ballerina who loves B-boy” is the love story of a Ballerina whose heart is stolen by a dashing B- boy dancer.




  • Jamsil station (Line 2 or 8) : Exit 4

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